5 Best Food To Try While in Delhi

When it comes to spicy, flavorful, and most importantly buttery food, the first city that comes to mind is Delhi (at least for North Indians). The people of Delhi are just too fond of food and the city is heaven to food lovers. From cheap street food to expensive luxury Indian dishes, the streets of Delhi just got it all. So if you ever thought about what could be the best food in Delhi, this one is for you!

So if you are foody and planning a trip to Delhi, you definitely going to think, “What are some famous food in Delhi ?” or “What I will be eating first in Delhi ?” You are lying if you didn’t think about it!

If you just googled the famous food in Delhi and you are reading this, you came to the right place. Because I understand how difficult it is nowadays to find the best food in India with all those paid reviews and promoted restaurants (believe me I’ve been there).

1. Chole Bhature in Delhi

best chole bhature in delhi
Chole Bhature at Om Corner: Credits – Zomato

Ask your friend from Delhi what they have for breakfast, and I’m pretty sure Chole Bhature won’t be left out. Chole Bhature is a must try if you are in Delhi, and if you are wondering isn’t it is just too heavy for a breakfast ? Just notice the crowd at a Chole Bhature stall in the morning, specially when its the winter season.

Now, if you have visited Delhi, you probably know how this mildly spicy, full of flavor north India dish is just available almost on every corner. So the question is where you can get the best Chole Bhature in Delhi? Well, if you are in Karol Bagh you are in luck. There is this 68 years old (in 2021) shop called Om Corner, which can be found on Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Sant Nagar, Karol Bagh.

Personally, I just loved their brownish-colored Chole Bhature that they serve at a reasonable price of just Rs.70. That being said, I found it amazing that they have maintained the same taste for decades, that’s just tough to achieve for a very long time, so this place is definitely a good-to-go if you love Chole Bhature.

2. Momos in Delhi

best momos in delhi dolma aunty momos
Dolma Aunty Momos

You know in your heart that you will be finding this dish here for sure, no ? Well, you just don’t know how crazy people of Delhi are for Momos if your answer was no, and to top it all, this is not even a North Indian Dish. But the street food vendors just became too creative and made every possible fusion out of this dish. From Tandoori Momos to Afghani, Deep fried to Momos served in gravy, Delhi just got it all.

Now the important part, where you can get the best momos in Delhi? Well, this one is pretty obvious. If you are in Lajpat Nagar, Dolma Aunty Momos is a must-try. While some believe that the place is overhyped, personally I think it’s worth a try. The shop has been there since 1992 and some believe it was Dolma Aunty who introduced Delhites to Momos, a perfect love story isn’t it?

3. Bedmi Poori in Delhi

Bedmi poori in Delhi
Bedmi Poori at Shyam Sweets with Aloo and Chole ki sabji

You can call it the half-brother of Chole Bhature, and no I’m not kidding. Well, Bedmi Poori is something I have never tried in any other part of India although it is believed to be originated from Uttar Pradesh. But if you are visiting Delhi, Bedmi Poori definitely deserves a try. This crunchy poori, unlike bhature (which are soft) is served with Aloo ki Sabji instead of chole and in some areas, you might get it with Aloo Chole.

What makes it different than Bhature is that Bedmi Poori won’t be heavy on your tummy since its dough is prepared with a mix of some dals (pulses) and atta.

Recipe of Bedmi Poori might be easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks since it’s fried twice and the secret is in the dough. So if you are in Chawri Bazar in Old Delhi, Bedmi Poori at Shyam Sweets is a must-try. This 115 years old shop has been serving this mouth-watering dish at just Rs.50. And if you are here, you must also try their Nagauri Halva, which is served with another small-sized poori.

4. Chicken Curry or Butter Chicken in Delhi

best chicken in delhi
Rajinder Da Dhaba Chicken Curry

When it comes to non-veg food, Butter Chicken is the number one in list. And believe me, the competition is just too high to choose the best Butter Chicken in Delhi. Its just available in every other restaurants in Delhi, and even on the street food stalls.

But when it comes to the best butter chicken, Rajinder Da Dhaba is my personal favorite. And no just Butter Chicken, this place is crowded with non-veg lovers, especially their Chicken Curry and Mutton Curry. So if you are thinking you will get a sitting inside the outlet in the evening, you my friend couldn’t be more wrong. Forget a proper seat, you probably might end up eating while standing with hundreds of people around you, but believe me, it’s worth it.

5. Chicken Biryani in Delhi

best biryani in delhi
Chicken Biryani

If you are non-vegetarian, you probably understand how important the flavors are in Chicken Biryani. Personally, I believe that Chicken Biryani is one of the most delicate recipes in the world, because the flavor has to be just right for a perfect Birynai.

So talking about the best Chicken Biryani in Delhi, there are a lot of options you got. From dedicated Biryani franchises like Biryani Blues to hidden shops at Jama Masjid, its almost impossible to chose the one, but since we had to, the award of Best Biryani in Delhi (unofficial) goes to Al-Nawaz Restaurant in Jamia Nagar.

Locals of Delhi might suggest you to try Taufiq Biryani Wala or also known as Dipasand Biryani, situated deep inside the streets of Jama Masjid in Old Delhi which you can also find easily on google maps. But personally, I find it too oily for a perfect Biryani.