20 Female TikTok Stars In India Who Are Still Ruling The Internet After TikTok Got Banned

Ever since musical.ly was acquired by TikTok we saw a rise in the number of TikTok users, and with that, we saw a rise in no. of internet users after Jio changed the mobile industry. Soon after TikTok’s rise, some TikTok influencers became well-known. The first video that comes to mind when thinking of TikTok is Gima Aashi and her friend Rugees Vini dancing to Emiway’s song Machayenge.

Female Tiktok stars

However, on June 29, 2020, the app was temporarily banned, and months later, it was permanently banned in the country, along with 177 Chinese apps. TikTok could not be accessed by users after the ban, even when using a VPN. However, there are many Chinese app clones in the Playstore where these TikTok stars can be found.

1. Garima Chaurasia (Gima Aashi)

  • Instagram ID: @gima_ashi
  • MX takatak ID: gima_ashi
  • YouTube channel: Rugima
  • Snapchat : Gima_ashi

2. Jannat Zubair Rahmanni (Jannat Zubair)

3. Anushka Sen

4. Avneet Kaur

5. Nisha Guragain

7. Sayyed Arsifa Khan (arishfakhan)

8. Disha Madan

9. Rugees Vini

  • Instagram ID: @rugees
  • Snapchat : rugeesv
  • TakaTak ID: rugeesvini_

10. Nagma Mirajkar

11. Aashika Bhatia

12. Ahsaas Channa

13. Beauty Khan

14. Chinki Minki (Surabhi Samriddhi)

15. Somya Daundkar

16. Mrunal Panchal

17. Sameeksha Sud

18. Ashnoor Kaur

19. Aashna Hegde

20. Ashi Khanna

Instagram ID: @ashi_khanna
Youtube Channel: Aashan Hegde

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