25 Images Of Americans Panicking Over ‘Gas Shortage’ Problem That They Pretty Much Caused Themselves

Dark Side, a ransomware group attacked on one of the America’s largest pipelines, and as a result about 70 percent of North Carolina’s gas stations didn’t have supply, as well as about half of South California and Georgia stations.

Because people started panic-buying gasoline, fueled by social media driven fears that the supply would run out. Some of them even used plastic shopping bags to stock the gasoline.

Despite officials’ assurances that the country had enough fuel and that the pipeline would reopen soon, nervous drivers clogged gas stations and caused shortages in parts of at least 11 states.

There are people in America with plastic shopping bags filled with gasoline in their houses, who won’t take a vaccine because it’s unsafe.

Just take what you need

The guy from math problem

Seriously, not sure about this!

Not sure how she will put that gas inside


What is even he’s trying to do?

Real Trouble


It’s clearly says out of service

Don’t be this person

Why Hiding now?

Just why?

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