Bank Holidays in 2023 in India

June 20, 2023Posted in News

Planning your finances or scheduling bank-related tasks can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not aware of the bank holidays in advance. In India, bank holidays can vary based on national holidays, regional observances, and even the specific state you’re in. Here’s a comprehensive list of bank holidays in India for the year 2023.

Major Bank Holidays in 2023

Here are some of the major bank holidays for the year 2023:

  1. Republic Day: January 26, Thursday
  2. Holi: March 8, Wednesday
  3. Ram Navami: March 30, Thursday
  4. Mahavir Jayanti: April 4, Tuesday
  5. Good Friday: April 7, Friday
  6. Id-ul-Fitr: April 22, Saturday
  7. May Day/Labour Day: May 1, Monday
  8. Buddha Purnima: May 5, Friday
  9. Independence Day: August 15, Tuesday
  10. Janmashtami (Vaishnva): September 7, Thursday
  11. Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday: October 2, Monday
  12. Dussehra: October 24, Tuesday
  13. Guru Nanak’s Birthday: November 27, Monday
  14. Christmas Day: December 25, Monday

In addition to these holidays, banks also remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

Types of Bank Holidays

Bank holidays in India are primarily of two types: National Holidays and Government Holidays. National holidays include Republic Day, Independence Day, and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. These are observed by all banks across the country.

Government holidays, on the other hand, are classified as state government bank holidays and Central Government bank holidays. State government bank holidays can vary from state to state, while Central Government bank holidays are commonly observed across the country.

List of major bank holidays in India for the year 2023:

14 January 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
26 January 2023ThursdayRepublic Day
28 January 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
11 February 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
25 February 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
8 March 2023WednesdayHoli
11 March 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
25 March 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
30 March 2023ThursdayRam Navami
4 April 2023TuesdayMahavir Jayanti
7 April 2023FridayGood Friday
8 April 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
14 April 2023FridayDr Ambedkar Jayanti
22 April 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
22 April 2023SaturdayId-ul-Fitr
1 May 2023MondayMay Day/Labour Day
5 May 2023FridayBuddha Purnima
13 May 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
27 May 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
10 June 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
24 June 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
29 June 2023ThursdayBakrid/Id-ul-Zuha
8 July 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
22 July 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
29 July 2023SaturdayMuharram
12 August 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
15 August 2023TuesdayIndependence Day
26 August 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
7 September 2023ThursdayJanmashtami (Vaishnva)
9 September 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
23 September 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
28 September 2023ThursdayMilad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad
2 October 2023MondayMahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
14 October 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
24 October 2023TuesdayDussehra
28 October 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
11 November 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
25 November 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
27 November 2023MondayGuru Nanak’s Birthday
9 December 2023SaturdaySecond Saturday
23 December 2023SaturdayFourth Saturday
25 December 2023MondayChristmas Day

Public Holidays in India for 2023

India is a country rich in cultural diversity, which is reflected in the numerous public holidays observed throughout the year. In 2023, the number of public holidays will vary depending on the specific state or union territory.

Gazetted Holidays

The List of Gazetted and Restricted Holidays for India in 2023 includes between 10 to 14 public holidays. The public holiday schedule for 2023 is divided into three categories: Gazetted, Restricted, and State and Union Territory holidays. Companies that conduct business with state and government authorities should be aware of these respective holiday calendars.

National Holidays

India observes three national holidays each year: Republic Day on January 26, Independence Day on August 15, and Gandhi Jayanti on October 2. These holidays are observed across the entire country, regardless of the state or union territory.

Other Holidays

In addition to the national holidays, India has an extensive list of public and government holidays. These holidays encompass a wide range of observances, from religious festivals to the birthdays of historically significant individuals, as well as the foundation days of different states.

Given the diversity and regional variations in India, the number of public holidays in 2023 can differ from one state or union territory to another. Therefore, it is advisable to check the holiday calendar for the respective state or union territory to get accurate information.

Brief Description of Bank Holidays 2023

Republic Day: Republic Day is a gazetted holiday in India and the day celebrates the formation of the Constitution of India. Like government offices, the banks will also remain shut. In the national capital, military parades are organized. Schools and colleges also organize cultural events.

Holi: Holi, which is also called the festival of colors, symbolizes the arrival of spring. People play with colors. While some states celebrate Holi on the 08 March.

Ram Navami: Ram Navami is a bank holiday in 2023. It celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, an important deity in Hinduism. The festival is observed with great fervor across the country.

Mahavir Jayanti: Mahavir Jayanti is a Jain festival, which honors the birth of Mahavir, who was the last Tirthankara. It falls on 4th April.

Good Friday: Good Friday is a major festival falling in the month of April 2023. The day is observed in many states across the country during the Holy Week.

Id-ul-Fitr: Id-ul-Fitr is a significant Islamic festival marking the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. It is a bank holiday in 2023 and is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country.

May Day/Labour Day: May Day is an international Workers’ Day. The day falls on 1 May each year and has been promoted by the international labor movement.

Independence Day: Needless to mention, Independence Day celebrates the independence of the country from the United Kingdom (UK). It is a bank holiday across India.

Janmashtami (Vaishnva): Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. Many states in India observe this festival every year.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday: Gandhi Jayanti is a national festival. The entire India celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who is also addressed as the Father of the Nation.

Dussehra: Dussehra is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.Guru Nanak’s Birthday: Guru Nanak Jayanti is a major Sikh festival that celebrates the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. It is observed with great reverence and joy.

Christmas Day: On account of Christmas, it is a bank holiday on 25 December this year. The Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Q: What bank holidays will there be in 2023? A: In 2023, there will be several bank holidays in India, including Republic Day, Holi, Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday, Id-ul-Fitr, May Day/Labour Day, Buddha Purnima, Independence Day, Janmashtami (Vaishnva), Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, Dussehra, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, and Christmas Day.

Q: How many official holidays in 2023? A: The number of official holidays can vary from state to state in India. However, there are 14 fixed national holidays observed across the country.

Q: Is 5th May 2023 a bank holiday in India? A: Yes, 5th May 2023 is a bank holiday in India. It is observed as Buddha Purnima.

Q: How many working days in 2023 including bank holidays? A: The number of working days in 2023 would depend on the specific state and its observed holidays. However, typically, there are about 251 working days in a year, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Q: Is Today a bank holiday? A: This would depend on the specific date and whether it falls on a bank holiday or a weekend.

Q: How many bank holidays are there in 2023 in India? A: The number of bank holidays can vary from state to state and bank to bank. However, there are certain fixed bank holidays observed by all banks, such as national holidays and the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

Q: What are the 14 holidays in 2023? A: The 14 holidays in 2023 likely refer to the major national holidays and popularly celebrated festivals in India. These include Republic Day, Holi, Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday, Id-ul-Fitr, May Day/Labour Day, Buddha Purnima, Independence Day, Janmashtami (Vaishnva), Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, Dussehra, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, and Christmas Day.

Q: How many public holidays are there in 2023 in India? A: 14 public holidays in 2023. However, there are certain fixed national holidays observed across the country.