25 Bollywood Photoshoots From The 90s That Will Surely Make You Go WTF!!

There are times when celebrities are caught off guard and end up making amusing facial expressions in front of the cameras. What if we look at the strange photos of Bollywood celebrities in which the celebs are looking strange? Although fashion trends change over time, there was a time when we saw Bollywood celebrities do something truly bizarre.

We will be more than shocked if we look at old pictures of Bollywood celebrities. From Rekha to Madhuri Dixit, there are a slew of Bollywood stars with bizarre bollywood photoshoots that will either make you laugh or leave you speechless.

For example, we’ll never forget the bizarre photo of Govinda and Juhi Chawla, which is completely ridiculous. That was Govinda’s look in the 1990s, where he simply wrapped his body in a gift wrapper. Juhi will most likely wear a strapless cocktail gown, but why Govinda? This photoshoot made headlines, and believe me when I say that if Govinda had the chance to erase the very existence of this outrageous photoshoot, he would!

  1. Why they even agreed for this photoshoot?

2. Again, how they even agreed

3. Why Govinda why? Juhi is still okay but why Govinda?

4. The Anil Kapoor version of Akshay Kumar


5. The baap of Heropanti

6. What is he trying to show? Hair or that watch? we would never know.

7. Indian Wonder Women


8. Even Sunil Shetty don’t want this on internet

9. Just Chanki Pandey being Chanki Pandey

10. Just a picture of Ranjeet

11. No words

12. Indian Thor

13. When you are sexy and you know it

14. One of those rare failure from Rekha ji

15. When you friend owns oil factory

16. How? Science need answers!

17. Yeah, let it grow on you

18. What is she supposed to be? Moong dal?

19. Too much drinks for today

20. The real himmatwala

21 Life before juba kesari

22. Jackie Dada posing for a photo

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