Fan Doesn’t need Selfie, No Signed Jersey, No Happy Birthday Post but Wants Netflix ID from Captain “Sunil Chhetri”

Indian Football Team Captain was left in splits when a fan asked for an unusual request, the request came as a surprise to Captain Chhetri, who has fans that ask for Jersey, autographs and much more like a normal fan.

Sunil Chhetri

But this fan has something unusual to ask for:

“Jersey ❌
Autograph on a picture ❌
Reply to the post ❌
Video wishing the neighbour’s son’s pet dog ❌”
Here’s someone who has priorities straight and it’s really making me want to consider the demand.”

Here, check out the tweet:

“Chhetri Bhai, Give me the User ID and password of Netflix. Lockdown ke baad change kar Lena password,” the user messaged Sunil Chhetri.

Netflix India replied in no time and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get an autographed picture form Sunil Chhetri.

While we’re on the topic, could we also get your autograph on a picture?”

While Netflix India wanted a autograph on a picture, Sunil Chhetri came up with an amazing deal: Sunil Chhetri asked Netflix India to give a 2-month free subscription to the fan in order to get the autographed picture.

In the true spirit of a barter, how about you guys hand the kid a two-month subscription and I’ll send a signed shirt and a picture your way? Do we have a deal?”

Netflix India in the meantime happily agreed to Sunil Chhetri’s deal and soon decided to give the fan a free subscription card along with a jersey of the Indian football captain. Netflix India wrote:

How about we send him both the jersey and a subscription card? Let’s make his day. Slide tackling into your DMs so we can figure out how to do this.”

In the end, Captain Chhetri sealed the deal and in return promised to give Netflix a jersey as well. He wrote:

Sounds great guys, now that we’ve got this figured out
Subscription for the kid 
Shirt for the kid 
Shirt for you guys“

“My Captain! ? ♥”

In the end, fan did get a netflix subscription.