Fan Watched All MCU Movies and Now Trolling Each Avenger like a Boss, Except Groot

April 27, 2020Posted in Trending

AVENGERS… Assemble. It’s been a year since the classic Endgame released and to be honest it was the best experience we all witnessed in theaters, that was one hell of an experience.

Avengers Assemble, Endgame

Fans waiting for the new Black Widow solo movie will now have to wait much longer. The movie was first set to release on April 24th but due to the pandemic, the scheduled release date has been changed to 6th November 2020.

During the pandemic Coronavirus, twitter user Sun Tzilla watched all the marvel cinematic universe movies till Spiderman: Far from home. After watching all the flicks of the Avengers series MCU witter user @SunTzilla decided to roast each member of the Avengers family and that too in a blunt manner. While SunTzilla roaster other characters, he had nothing but respect for Groot.

Here are the tweets made by SunTzilla in regard to all the Avengers.

Captain America – Hero with Steroids

Captain Marvel – Twerking for aliens?

Incredible Hulk – Typical meat head

Thor – Superhero version of a rapper

Loki – Takeshi 69 of the MCU

Black Panther – We don’t do that here

Black Widow – She knows a bit of Karate

Hawk Eye – Useless?

Nick Fury – Strict Boss

Dr. Strange – 14 million futures and not a single warning?

Gamora – She is responsible for her own death

Star Lord – Definitely need to update his playlist

Rocket – Cool before joining GOTG nonsense

Ant-man – He had one thing to do

Thanos – Made sense

Falcon- Hustled really hard

Wanda – Relationship with Red Mac book pro

Nothing but Respect for Groot

Iron Man – Hyped up Elon Musk

While SunTzilla showed no mercy on any of the MCU character, people reminded him that he had left out Tony Stark’s favorite Avenger – Spiderman and Winter Soldier who killed his parents.

Forgotten Kid – Spider Man

Winter Soldier – Not even worth the first cut

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