Karan Johar in Never Seen before “Mein Shayar To Nahi” Video

Karan Johar replaces Rishi Kapoor in iconic Bobby song “Mein Shayar to nahi” with face-mapping

Karan Johar has shared a hilarious version of the hit song, Mein Shayar to Nahi. The video features Karan in place of Rishi Kapoor in the frame. The owner of Dharma production was amazed by the face-mapping technology which makes it looks as convincing as the original.

However, the face-mapping trend is not new and people have been using it since the movies started featuring CGI scenes.

Karan Johar shared the video on Instagram and wrote, “The Magic of Face mapping”… Raj Kapoor was one of my all-time favorite filmmakers!!!! and Rishi Kapoor is my all-time favorite actor!! This is a present to me by Sandeep @2ouringsandy I’d like to thank him for this gift, one that I will always treasure!!!! I also want to tell all of you to please go ahead and laugh!!! You are totally allowed to!!!! artist @sanjaytrimbakkar.”

The celebs were amazed by KJO’s debut performance.

Karan has credited the artist Sanjaytrimbakkar for the amazing edit. Sanjay has also used Amir Khan’s face in the “Ek Chaturnar” video.