“Liger” Reviews Are Out Now, and the Fans Absolutely Hate It

August 26, 2022Posted in Bollywood

Liger’s reviews for Deverakonda’s highly anticipated film are now available, and in a nutshell, fans absolutely hate it. There is no boycott trend, but the film itself does not stand out.

liger reviews

“Liger” is what you get when you cross a lion and a tiger, right? Did you get it? You can expect to feel this way throughout the film.

The movie had so much potential to be a blockbuster, with Mike Tyson in the film, the fans were really excited about “If you are a fighter, then What am I” but so far the audience hasn’t showed any love for the movie and are not considering to watch the movie.

Despite the effort and promotion put into the film, it failed to provide something new to viewers and failed to leave an impression because there is simply no innovation in the way it is presented. Liger has been described as “cringey” and “glad the movie is over.”

Liger movie cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Panday, Ramya Krishnan, Ronit Roy, Chunkey Pandey, Mike Tyson
Liger movie director: Puri Jagannadh
Liger Rating: 1 star
Liger IMDB: 2.1/10

Here’s what the audeince has to say.

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