6 Most Famous Foods of Jaipur You must Try

Jaipur is no doubt one of the most heritage-rich cities of India. Being the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur sure does have the touch of royalty which can be observed throughout your journey within this city. And one thing that is definitely important for the Royal people is the food, and Jaipur will not disappoint your taste buds for sure.

From spicy non-veg dishes to vegetarian dishes cooked entirely in Ghee, the taste of the dishes here is just simply amazing. The food in Jaipur is somewhat spicy, but then there are some amazing sweet dishes to cool it all down. So if you are here, below are some of Jaipur’s famous food and some best restaurants in Jaipur.

1. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma has to be on top of this list if we are talking about the famous food of Jaipur, why? Because this dish is like the Ratatouille of Jaipur. No matter what the occasion is, Dal Bati Churma will always be prepared. Simple cooked Dal along with Bati which is made of wheat dough and Churma that is sweet is also served along. There are other items served in this dish like Garlic chutney, Kadhi, and few others, but Dal, Bati, Churma are the three main items of this dish.

dal bati churma
Dal Bati Churma with Garlic Chutney, Gatte ki Sabji and other items

Now the question is where you can find the best Dal Bati Churma to eat ? Well, if you are good in kitchen, then the recipe of Dal Bati is pretty simple, and the only extra equipment you will need is a Bati oven, cooking the rest is too easy.

2. Pyaz ki Kachori or Dal ki Kachori

Kachori is probably one of the most loved snacks of all time (after Samosa, of course!), but people of Jaipur just love their own version of it. Pyaz kachori is very famous on the street side stalls and even at famous food chains in Jaipur. Whether eat Pyaz ki Kachori for breakfast or have it as an evening snack, this delicious crunchy, caramelized onions-filled snack will just blast your taste buds. Although both Dal ki Kachori and Pyaz ki Kachori are equally famous in Jaipur, Pyaz Kachori is a somewhat unique dish of this city. Kachori is usually served with red and green chutney, but don’t be surprised if it is served with Kadhi here in Jaipur.

pyaz kachori dal kachori
Pyaz Kachori and Mirchi Bada with Tea

3. Lal Maans

Talking about the authentic dishes, Lal Maas will definitely top it, and not just this list, but it will also top the list of most spicy dishes of India. Yes, that’s right, Lal Maas is one of the spiciest dishes cooked in India, and as expected, it comes from the Royal houses of Rajasthan.

As its name suggests, Lal Maans is particularly red in color, not only because of its spicy nature but the mutton that is slow-cooked in small red chilies which gives it the fiery flavor and its red hot color. The recipe of Laal Maas is traditionally from Rajasthan, and the dish is enjoyed in most of the cities. Moreover, Lal Maans requires very few ingredients and the reason is that Hunters and Royal family members used to cook this dish while on hunting trips where a lot of ingredients weren’t available. Laal Maas is well served with Roti, but is enjoyable with Naan or Tandoori Roti too.

lal maas
Laal Maas

4. Gatte ki Sabji

Rajasthani Gatte ki Sabzi or Besan ke Gatte ki Sabji is yet another delicacy from Rajasthan. Gatte ki sabji recipe is not very complicated and can be cooked easily. Gatte is another side item served with Dal Bati dish, but it is not necessary. Gatte are basically just dough made from corn flour, and cooked in boiling water then cooked in thick spicy onion-garlic gravy.

Gatte ki Sabji is served usually with Roti, but goes well along naan and Tandoori Roti also. Some variant of this spicy dish contains curd or tomato also, but personally it tastes better without these two ingredients. This mouth watering dish can be found in any of the restaurants in Rajasthan.

5. Makke ki Dhokli or Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli or Makke ki Dhokli are two different dishes for some, and some will say that Dal Dhokli is a Gujrati Dish. Well, we don’t argue on that, Dal Dhokli is a Gujrati dish but Makke ki Dhokli is purely from Rajasthan and is served with Dal or in some variants with Kadhi. While Dal Dhokli is made using wheat flour, Makke ki Dhokli obviously is made using Corn flour. Moreover, it is steamed and not blanched in water. This dish is rare to find in restaurants due to its complicated recipe, yet if you have a friend from Jaipur, you are in luck.

makke ki dhokli
Makke ki Dhokli with Dal

6. Ghevar

A list of food items is incomplete without a sweet dish, and to complete that here is the most unique sweet of all time all the way from Jaipur. If you haven’t tasted Ghevar yet, you definitely need to try this disc-shaped sweet dish famous in Jaipur. Ghevar or Ghewar is a famous sweet dish from Jaipur, made with flour and sugar syrup. You can find Ghewar in most of the Sweets shops in Jaipur, but this dish is usually available in the local market during Navratri and Diwali times. There is another variant of Ghevar called Malai Ghewar or Milk Ghevar or Rabri Ghewar which has a layer of cream over it. Now, talking about the best Ghevar, if you want to taste the best one, you cannot find it in Jaipur, but in a small town called Barr which is more than 150km far from Jaipur. So if you are on the route to Jodhpur by road, you probably will pass through Barr, you will find a sweet shop with lots of crowds called Jodhpur Sweets, this is where you will find the best Malai Ghewar of Rajasthan.

Ghewar or ghevar

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