Sonu Sood ‘Biggest Scam Of 2020’ Trends on Twitter After Few Tweets Asking For Help Got Deleted

It’s easy to point fingers at something rather than helping, twitter users start trending Sonu Sood, Biggest scam of 2020, after some tweets asking for help gets deleted.

Sonu sood

It’s funny how things turn around so quickly, Villain to Hero and then to Zero, according to netizens.

Why is Sonu Sood Biggest Scam of 2020 Trending?

When the lockdown phase started all over the country, a major amount of the population was left with no options to go back to their homes. Many images of migrant workers who cannot afford to live in lockdown walking to their homes for days circulated online.

The government was unable to help the workers considering the lockdown phase, and the spread of coronavirus. People were left with no hopes.

Then Sonu Sood came to the help of migrant workers and helped them reach their homes via bus, airplane without any charge, i.e. free of cost. He also helped in bringing college students stuck outside the country in the period. That made Sonu Sood a hero.

Let’s look at why netizens are trending, Sonu Sood Biggest Scam of 2020.

While several tweets are not available now, there are many that are still on Sonu Sood’s profile. There are more tweets available than the tweets disappeared, with people asking his help and also after getting the help.

This is the team of 170 students from Indonesia that Sonu Sood’s team helped in bringing them back to Delhi on 4th September.

These are just the tweets from last 4-5 days, while some are busy trending the Biggest Scam of 2020, Sonu Sood, he is out there helping every individual possible.

What do you think? Is this a scam or people have nothing better to do in their lives?