Sonu Sood Gives a Hilarious Reply To a Fan Who Requests “Mujhe Theke Tak Puncha Do?”

Every once in a while someone does something that changes the perspective of everyone towards them. Reel life Villan emerged out to be a hero in real life. Words are not enough to describe what he is doing and the whole country is overwhelmed by the work he is doing.

 Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood

So fat Sonu Sood has sent more than 12,000 people to their homes, he said that he will continue to send them home until the last one united with his family.

Sonu’s twitter account is filled with thank you messages and people are reaching out to him asking for help to be transported to home. He is making sure to get back to each one of them.

Don’t worry guys, we will talk to Sonu Sood, he will make sure Chandryaan-3 reaches moon.

Few lines to appreciate Sonu’s great Work

However, a fan poked fun at the entire situation. He asked Sonu Sood if he could drop him to a “Theka” as he needed some alcohol and was stuck at home.

To which Sonu Sood replied: “भाई मैं ठेके से घर तक तो पहुँचा सकता हूँ । ज़रूरत पड़े तो बोल देना” (Bhai mein Theke se Ghar to pauncha sakta hu. jaroorat pade to bol dena) which loosely translates to, “I can drop you from Liquor shop to home brother, remind me in needed”

This isn’t the only fan who is appreciating him by cracking some light heated jokes, some of the fans have been sharing memes:

No one is untouched by Sonu Sood’s efforts and people have been applauding his efforts on social media. The actor has been trending on Twitter for the past week.