Teacher Uses Virtual Reality In Online Class To Teach Village Kids And He’s Really Good At It

Online class is the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. Teacher and student using the online classes to keep up with their curriculum.

Basavaraj Sungari teaching students with VR

While many student find their classes boring, a teacher at the government primary school in Bhutaramanahatti in Belagavi taluk has made teaching more interesting and an interactive experience for his students.

Basavaraj Sungari is using basic editing tools on his mobile and desktop to create videos for his students. Basavaraj is using augmented reality and virtual reality to create 3D content in his videos.

children using VR

He uses a game developing application named ‘Arloopa‘ which helps him create 3D visuals. In some videos he shared on Facebook, he can be seen teaching about various topics with their 3D model next to him.

Speaking about Arloopa, Basavaraj said: “Such tools are used by young people to develop games. But I found them useful in creating content that can be easily understood by rural students.”

Basavaraj’s topics include biology, chemistry and physics.

In most of his videos he can be seen using virtual reality to make students understands the topic better. For example in the image below, the topic is solar system, he is using a Model with sun and Earth designed in it.

Basavaraj Sungari using VR

Every time there is something new he creates it so that students can have better understanding. In the image below you can see an Elephant standing next to him.

Basavaraj Sungari with an elephant that he created by VR

In another video he is talking about Bees and there is a giant honey bee infront of him.

Basavaraj Sungari with a Bee that he created by VR

Basavaraj Sungari believes that online class cannot replace the traditional classroom, and online classes aren’t as fun as classroom learning. He is now working towards making more videos for his students.

He has requested the local community leaders in the villages if they can donate their used smartphones, or if they can help the students acquire smartphones.

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