The Best Social Distancing Pickup Lines You Can Use Right Now

The whole world is on lockdown because of the Coronavirus and therefore, we are investing more energy doing things we wouldn’t ordinarily do… like really start a discussion with somebody on a dating application. We’re all in this together, encountering similar feelings of trepidation, swiping through profiles, sliding in DMs.

Social distancing pickup lines
Photo by Korney Violin

In spite of the fact that pickup lines are normally an all in or all out on dating applications, we’re all in desperate need of some social association while social removing. In case you’re hoping to slide into that individual’s DMs with a pickup line about social distancing, here are probably the best:

Checking you out


Not Will Ferrell is not wrong…

He’s a keeper

6 feet apart.

The weekend is planned btw

Well, hello there…

This one’s nice

Netflix and quarantine

A new take on the whole “Netflix and Chill” thing.

Real Smooth.

Because who doesn’t love a good movie reference?

How you doing?

Delivery Date

But my connection really sucks

Since you can’t go out, you can bring love into your life by charming your latent capacity date in the most socially – disconnected way. Also, on the off chance that you are considering how to do as such, we have curated a rundown of some conversation starters for you that you can impart to your latent capacity date and prevail upon through your antics, start using before this gets over.