The Sasti Copy of Money Heist’s ‘Bella Ciao’ In Bollywood and Tollywood

Everyone loved the Italian revolutionary song Bella Ciao from Netflix’s Money Heist, especially when Professor and his half brother sang it the day before the Royal Mint heist.

E se io muoio da partigiano
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
E se muoio da partigiano
Tu mi devi seppellir

The filmmaker of Beshram loved the song so much that they copied it and made a bad? No, a Sasti copy of Bella Ciao.

Apart from the ratings, Besharam itself was a forgettable film and now it has another trouble – the song from the movie “Love ki Ghanti.”

If you hear the song Bella Ciao first you will notice the change in beats and the tunes and everything.

Bella Ciao was sung originally by the Italian Partisans during World War II to show resistance. While the original song stands as a symbol of resistance and freedom, Love ki Ghanti celebrates love in its own way.

The real heist!

Here are some of the version of La Casa De Papel’s Bella Ciao.

Not only the song from Besharam has the similar tune, check out the song Pilla Chao. “The name Pilla Chao”

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