Things Other Than Dalgona Coffee That Went Viral in This Lockdown

Packed in our home, with internet as the main source of entertainment in which Ramayan and Mahabharat broadcast was another plus, but the lockdown situation sure did dramatically escalated with social media and weird trends going on around.

Quarantine made everyone creative and people came up with a lot of things to pass their time. while meme material has always been on the number one position, more unexpected things (and people) that no one thought could trend, started conquering the social media.

Here is some most popular trend on social media which become viral amid lockdown period.

1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee via

We had to put Dalgona Coffee at number one, of course because it was the first thing after the lockdown that went viral, no? Do not worry we get the list covered with the rest too, check it out –

2. The Bingo Challenge

You probably might have heard about Bingo, only this time it became an online game, with various topics such as the above “Work from home”. If you don’t know about Bingo, well, its not that hard to understand this game, all you have to do is check all the things you have done in the list, and pass it on to others. There are chances that your list match with others as well, in this online version of bingo, you need to tag your friends to play with.

3. The #GhenCovyChallenge

The main reason behind this challenge and hashtag going viral was the fantastic Vietnami song, which is regarding the awareness and safety from CoronaVirus. Users on TikTok started doing the steps of cleaning their hands to be safe from Corona, with the song as background, and entertaining enough, the challenge went viral in no time.

4. Fitness Challenge

Every single of you who used to go to gym everyday might understand the pain of the closed gyms due to lockdown. But since people couldn’t hold their urge to workout anymore, some of those started challenging other for home workouts and soon it began to go viral in no time, everyone started posting their videos and photos, doing workout at their home. This challenge surely was required.

5. Work From Home (WFH) outfits

Although many of us are enjoying our time through WFH (Work From Home), some just got too bored of wearing the everyday clothes and probably missed their formal outfits they used to wear at work. People around the world started coming up with some unique outfits while WFH, and well, as you can see, the results are just humorously insane ! And of course someone decided to create an instagram handle for the same as well.

6. Homemade Chocolate Cakes

Chicken came first or the egg ? Well at least we know Chocolate cake came after Dalgona. Since lockdown also shutdown the bakeries, people just cannot miss having a birthday cake for their loved ones, thus videos of home made cakes recipes started flooding the internet. Most of these are just prepared using cookies and ingredients that are easily available at home.

7. Life imitating arts

This one was probably the funniest one, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles asked self-quarantined people to recreate a piece of art using only people and/or objects found around their homes and share their entries. And social media users didn’t disappoint. 

8. Until Tomorrow

This is another social media challenge that went viral. To follow this trend, all you have to do is put an old embarrassing photo of self on social media account for at least a day, and then message everyone who liked the pic to challenge for the same, although its another amazing thing, but most of the netizens found it as an excuse to put pretty images instead of embarrassing.

9. #ToiletPaperChallenge

To follow the challenge, one has to bump a toilet paper roll with foot similar to what you would do to a ball, and keep bouncing it as much as you can, until the paper falls. Famous people such as Messi did the challenge as well.

10. Panic Buying Shaming

Panic buying after the lockdown became common all over the world, Panicked people started hoarding their food supplies, more than required for days. Since this is morally wrong and kind of inhuman too, these kind of bulk buying faced a troll over the social media. Kids are ridiculing parents for ODing frozen foods items on Tiktok and endless meme started by then. A boy bought 45 rolls of toilet tissue paper is another example of panic buying.