Women Share Why They Love To Shop From Men’s Section

Ever wondered why there is a boyfriend t-shirt and boyfriend Jeans category in the market? Is it for boyfriends? Why does your girl love to wear your clothes?

If you think it’s because she loves you and this is the solo reason why she loves wearing your hoodies, well you are not wrong but women prefer men’s clothes as they are far more comfortable in men’s clothing than their own.

Women share why they shop from men's section
Anushka and Virat wearing the same t-shirt.

Don’t believe it, see by yourself.

Priyam Saha has been talking exactly about the fact that she shops a lot from the men’s clothing section rather than women’s as they are more comfortable.

The first thing women loves in men’s clothing is extra comfort and then there’re bigger pockets, loose-fitting, and of course, men’s clothes are way cheaper than woman’s.

Her tweet was relatable to many and many women made honest confessions of doing the same.

While many had the same belief, some intervened and said women’s clothing have many choices and if they could wear skirts, yup someone really said it.